Tendaba Camp

Starting from the tourist area it is around a 4 hour drive by jeep to Tendaba Camp. The trip takes you along small villages with huts, (rice) fields with hard working women and through the beautiful nature. You will spend plenty of time waving to the population to the point where your arms are tired but you forget this inconvenience when you see the friendly smiles of the population. Also for the less-experienced travellers this is a nice safari. The motto of the camp Tendaba is: One million mosquitoes cannot be wrong...Tendaba Camp is fabulous!

And it is true indeed, it's great and full of mosquitoes (so bring anti-mosquito gear!).

The shelters in the camp are simple round huts (equipped with mosquito nets, shower and toilet) which are made in so-called African rondavel-style and made entirely of materials from the bush. There is also a swimming pool and a well-stocked bar where you can cool off after the dusty ride or simply to enjoy Sundowners: a cocktail or appetizer that is served on the waterfront at sunset, and where you can relax and be grateful for the good things in life. A beautiful African tradition.

There is a generator in Tendaba Camp available, so there is electricity, but it is switched off at night. It is advised to bring a flashlight.

Your guide of GambiaSafari knows everything about Tendaba, so he can organise your overnight stay.

Starting from Tendaba Camp you can take various tours: with a pirogue (canoe) through the river delta, jeep safaris and nature excursions by foot in the bush. Bushpig (warthog) is served in the evening in the indoor restaurant which overlooks the river. Would you rather eat something else than you can have a look at the menu. In Tendaba Camp there is also a small enclosed courtyard with some mundane crocodiles and beautiful large sculptures of wood can be admired around the camp.   

The overnight stay in Tendaba Camp will really give you the feeling of what you would expect from staying in the African bush.