Georgetown – JanJan Bureh

The place Janjan Bureh (formerly Georgetown) is located on JanJan Bureh Island (formerly McCarthy Island) at the North Bank of the Gambia River. It is a historical place where much remains from the colonial era and the slavery time. Sad example of this is the Running Tree where slaves entertained the English occupiers by running up to the tree forced by a rain of bullets. If they reached the tree alive, the were free to go. It doesn't have to be explained that very few slaves obtained their freedom this way.

A ferry runs ferry services with the South Bank. At the ferry site you can still see many English and Portuguese buildings from the colonial period and today, there is a laundry spot for the population. The chance you will see hippos on this stretch of the Gambia river is substantial. The journey to JanJan Bureh is made by jeep and is suitable for more adventurous travelers because it brings you through the real traditional inland of the Gambia by sometimes difficult roads. It is advisable to do this trip in two days and spend the night in (near) JanJan Bureh. The guide of GambiaSafari can also organise this overnight stay.

Ask your guide of GambiaSafari to combine this trip with, for example, the Stone Circles or with a visit to Basse Santa Su.