Basse Santa Su

Located far in the East of the Gambia, lies the town of Basse Santa Su, commonly known as Basse. It is an active marketplace, located deep in the traditional inland of the Gambia. The rental of a Four Wheel Drive jeep and guide of GambiaSafari is really necessary in order to reach this place. The road goes upwards, it is far from comfortable and it is a long drive, so a few pillows to sit on are recommended.

This region is especially known for its craftsmen who make beautiful hand-painted jars and pots which are for sale at the major markets of Basse.

Basse is the terminus of the paved road on the South Bank of the Gambia River and functions as focal point for traffic and trade (and smuggling) in the direction of the surrounding countries. If you want to take a rest in the shade of the large mango trees beware of the many birds in the trees that will drop their droppings just like that.

A ferry connection to the north shore to visit Yorobawal is present, but this can be a little daunting because the ferry is (over) loaded with all kinds of freight and passengers.

Here you can also see many Mauritanian traders (Touareg) and you will recognise their beautiful indigo blue caftans (traditional clothing) and turbans

If you want to visit Basse then you can combine this with, for example, Georgetown and/or Tendaba Camp and stay there overnight. Your GambiaSafari guide can arrange everything in advance.