I do not publish prices of the safaris on the website on purpose. One of the reasons for this is that I offer custom-made safaris and so the price depends on what it is that you want. Another reason is that the Dalasi is highly sensitive for changes of the exchange rate. These changes have an impact on a variety of goods in the Gambia.

The prices that are valid now, can be completely different the next month. This is the reason why I have decided to give you an up-to-date price for your safaris when you have your meeting with the guide. In that case you know upfront what the costs will be and that you have no pesky surprises during or after your safari. The guides prefer to be paid in euro’s or British pounds, because these have quite steady exchange rates.

A lot of companies that offer safaris for fixed prices, are way overpricing this, so that they are sure they will not lose money on the safaris because of changes within the rates. This is not the way how I want to work, so that is why I do not give fixed prices upfront. If you want to receive a price indication, please fill in the contactform below.

In Gambia a Julbrew beer at a local bar will cost around 100 dalasi and in the hotels around 160 dalasi. A good local sandwich will cost around 70 dalasi and a hot local meal will cost around 300 dalasi. The prices at the restaurants will be higher then this. Please keep in mind that these prices can be changed again since the moment these information was written.

Because I work with local people as guides, the prices are lower than the prices of the Western Touroperators who offer mass safaris.

Please note that children until the age of 12 do not have to pay for the guide. However, in Africa it is quite customary to pay the food and drink during your safari for your guide. Also the costs of public transportation, entrée tickets etcetera for the guide, are for the tourists to pay. I want you to know that the guides are very reliable and that they will help you to bargain if this is needed, keep you safe and give you an amazing experience of their country, so the price you pay for them is small in comparison for what you will receive back. Also, please note that all the money the guides of GambiaSafari earn with their work, are for themselves so they can provide for their families in an honest way.

I believe in Trade, not Aid! You will get an amazing and unique holiday and in return for that you help the Gambian people to earn their money in an honest way. If you are happy with your guide and his services, then of course you can give him a tip to show your appreciation.

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