Let me introduce to you, guide Ablie!

The guides of GambiaSafari thank their job mostly to themselves. Because of their own talents and reliability they could start working at GambiaSafari.

Ablie is the main guide. With him it all started and he is the one who will divide the appointments during the high season. He is a somewhat shy but kind man who comes originally from the village Sibanor. Just as a lot of boys from the country side, he was send to the coast to go to school there. He was a very good student and was one of the best of his class. Unfortunately his future did not look very bright because of the high level of unemployment in Gambia. When his father died he had to take care of his mother and his brothers and sisters. Besides some rare day jobs, he did not had a steady income. After 5 years of being unemployed, he was given a regular job at GambiaSafari.

Like Ablie will tell you himself it was a dream come true and he just loves his job to show tourists his beautiful country. He knows a lot about Gambia and also is able to tell all this information in a fun and interesting way.