Paradise Beach

This beach rules! On this Bounty beach you forget all your worries and you can really relax. Located in a beautiful bay you can sunbathe on the pearly white beach, have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Rainbow beach bar or just walk along the shore while the waves whizzing and palm trees waving.

Exotic shells * role on the beach and the Gambian women come here to collect these shells to make bracelets and chains on the spot. Is it, despite the sea breeze, too hot for you in full sun? Grab a seat under a thatched umbrella or cool yourself off under the beach shower made from a recycled oil barrel.

Of course you can take a swim in the ocean but bear in mind that along many Gambian beaches the undertide can be quite strong, so don’t go too far. If you like fish you should definitely order this at the Rainbow beach bar, the fish is so wonderfully fresh! You can also spend the night at Paradise Beach in the simple but comfortable Cottages of the rainbow lodgings.

Your guide of can organise all this for you.

* Please keep in mind if you want to bring shells as souvenirs that some species are protected and cannot be imported .