In this beautiful ecological forest you can walk for hours and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. Makasutu is a good example that tourism and environmental protection can go hand in hand. Makasutu means Spiritual Forest in the tribe language Mandinka. During the walk, you can marvel at the bright colours of the large colourful butterflies and the tropical birds in the forest. The landscape is very diverse and consists of savannas, mangroves, tropical rain forest and grasslands.

Learn to climb a palm tree and taste the Zum-Zum (alcoholic palm wine) also known as Jungle Juice. Be warned because this drink can be so strong that many people will see the infamous Pink Elephant! If you spot baboons it isn’t because of the palm wine but baboons are indeed abundant in Makasutu.

Also a canoe trip through the mangroves in the park is highly recommended and provides views of the mangrove roots and river banks which are covered with crabs and other river dwellers. Finish with a drink or a snack in the beautiful outdoor lounge of Makasutu and, if you like, visit a traditional dance and djembé (drum) show. Pottery and wood carving workshops are also possible.

Please see below for an impression of the forest.