Visit a Gambian family at home

If you want to take a look at a Gambians home then that is, in consultation with your guide, possible. Gambians are known for their hospitality and a visit to a compound (residential area) is really a good way to see the daily life in the Gambia. Who is in charge? Who sleeps where? How is the distribution of tasks? What about the household? Most of the Gambians still cook on a wood-burning fire and preparing a meal is often a day’s work

When you are invited to eat at a family home then it is polite to also contribute something, a bag of rice, a bottle of oil or something like that is appreciated.

It is good manners if you only eat with your right hand but it is also quite possible that they will do everything to find you a fork so that you, as a Westerner, can feel at home. If you give or receive something you also use your right hand. Do not smell the food being served, because this is really insulting, it shows them you don’t trust the food.