Bijilo Monkey Forest

Close to the tourist Senegambia area lies Bijilo Monkey Forest. Here you can see various monkeys and beautiful birds, like the Hornbill, in the wild.

On the way, with no doubt, you will be addressed by bumpsters who want to sell you peanuts, but at the entrance of the park there is a sign which says it is absolutely forbidden to feed the monkeys.

In the park you have to hire a ranger from the park itself, he will ask you if you really haven’t purchased any peanuts, because feeding the monkeys is forbidden.

Once in the park the same ranger will explain to you that the monkeys don't get any closer because you have not bought peanuts and he will suggest you to do this next time even though you are not allowed to feed the monkeys, weird right?! We don’t understand either! But what does it matter? Raise your shoulders and say "T.I.A."! (This is Africa!)

In addition to monkeys, huge termite mounds can also be found at the park. Often snakes live in these termite mounds because it is nice and cool inside. So don’t climb on a termite mound for fun or to make a nice picture, because you might wake up a snake from his afternoon nap.

If you visit Bijilo in the rainy (green) season you can also see huge spiders and their cobwebs. In the park there is a viewpoint where you have a stunning view of the ocean.

If you go a little bit further there is a kind of meadow where you, if you are lucky, can see a lot of monkeys with their babies up close.