Do you want to go on a safari with GambiaSafari and do you want to reserve a guide?

Please send me an email with your name, phone number, number of persons (names and ages), date of arrival and departure and the name of your hotel in Gambia to . I will arrange an appointment with a guide of GambiaSafari. You will receive a confirmation via email with the place and time of your appointment. During this meeting with the guide you can tell what it is that you want or would like to do.

I will always try to answer your email within a couple of days. With requests for a guide with a departure date to Gambia within 48 hours I can not guarantee that there is a place for you, so please make your reservation in time.

I do not provide fixed prices of the safaris upfront. One of the reasons for this is that I offer custom-made safaris and so the price depends on what it is that you want. Another reason is that the Dalasi is highly sensitive for changes of the exchange rate. These changes have an impact on a variety of goods in the Gambia.

During your meeting with the guide in Gambia, you will hear the exact prices of the safaris that you want to do. Because I only work with local people are the safaris much more cheaper then the mass safaris of the travel agencies and you also support the employment in Gambia. If you wish to receive a price indication, please fill in the contactform .