How it began


Purpose of this website

This website is meant to inform everyone who will go on a holiday to Gambia. Here you can find information about Gambia, the culture, the safaris and more. You can also find information about traveling in the Gambia and of course the activities of GambiaSafari.

GambiaSafari wants to connect tourists in a friendly and authentic way with Gambia and to give local people sustainable jobs in the tourist sector. It is a win-win situation. You will have an affordable, custom made, amazing safari and in return for that you make sure that the guides can earn money in an honest way.

How we work

Send me an email with your name, phone number, number of persons and their age, period of stay in Gambia (including arrival and departure date) and the name of your hotel. I will schedule a meeting with one of our guides at your hotel in Gambia. You will receive a confirmation of this meeting via email. During your meeting with the guide you can discuss what it is that you want to do. The guide will inform you about the possibilities and about the prices. Please note that I cannot give prices up front. I have safaris for every budget. The guides know the way, the local prices and I only work with trustworthy local people. That is why I can offer the safaris for cheaper prices then the Western tour operators.

The money that the guides earn with the safaris are for them to provide for their families. The money you pay to the guide will stay in Gambia and will not go to a European company. In that way the guides are able to pay for schooling, medicines, to provide everything for their families by hard work.

I believe that Africa doesn’t need development aid but fair trade and opportunities.

So do yourself a favor and go on safari with GambiaSafari.

I wish all of you a very nice stay in The Gambia.