Jolanda & Roy

In January 2004 Jolanda and Roy travelled to Gambia for the first time for a holiday and that was when they met Ablie Manka for the first time. Ablie, became their guide for the time they stayed in Gambia and showed them his country in an unique way. When they flew back home, they were impressed with both the country as Ablie. To them it felt as they left a friend. In that time they already travelled a lot and saw a great part of the world and met some amazing people, but their meeting with Ablie was one of the most memorable ones. His way of showing the country, explain about traditions and nature and his very kind and honest way how he treats people from different cultures, touched them. It didn’t take long for them to travel back and again Ablie showed Gambia and this time also a part of Senegal.

They made this website for Ablie so that they could support him in having a way to earn money in an honest way to support his family.


In October 2017 I travelled to the Gambia for the first time. Up front my holiday I made an appointment via this website with Ablie. During my holiday I did several safaris with Ablie and he showed me a lot of his country.

I really had an amazing time in the Gambia. I loved almost everything of this country. After two and a half week I had to go back to Holland, but I could not forget about the country and the people. I actually was getting homesick to the Gambia. It is not without reason that they call this country the Smiling Coast of Africa.

My idea to start a business in the Gambia was getting more and more serious. I wanted to go back, so I decided to ask advice to Jolanda & Roy by who I booked my first safaris. It appeared that they wanted to sell this website and that is why I proudly announce that as from July 2018 I am the owners of this website.

I can recommend Ablie as a guide for anyone who is in need of a fun, sweet, kind, honest and wise guide in Gambia. You will get to know the country in an unique way, far from mass tourism. I hope that the ones who will go on safari with Ablie will have just an amazing time with him as I did and to experience a holiday that you will remember for the rest of your life.