General Information

Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa and is known as The Smiling Coast of Africa. The reason for this is the kindness and humor of the Gambian people.

A lot of tribes live among each other in peace. The Mandinka tribe represents 42% of the population, next come Fula (18%) and then Wolof (16%). Each tribe has its own customs and language but the official language is English and the most part of the Gambians are Muslims. Still a lot of old customs can be found in their daily way of living. For example, a lot of Gambians will go to the Marabout (medicine man) to get a djoe-djoe (talisman) for luck or health, but none of them will ever admit this.

Gambia can be set as an example for the rest of the world when it comes to tolerance of religion. Not only the Islamic holidays are celebrated, also the important Christian holidays are.

Gambians love music. They also love to party and dance. Only during the Ramadan everybody is a bit more moderated with this.